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Join this exciting tour with one of the original guides and support families, not corpororations who are copying our tour. We pick the best times to avoid possible crowds and have very high safety standards. 

Only for nature lovers!

Our tours are from nature lovers, to nature lovers!

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Unlike the copy cats of our tour, we take safety serious and keep our groups small

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Only for nature lovers

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Welcome to our website – the first step to have a blast and create long lasting memories! Join the original and support a local business. We are adventurous nature lovers who invite visitors of Puerto Rico to explore some of the most stunning, even hidden locations around the island with us and try our best take you away from crowds.

Our concept differs strongly from most other tour companies on the island and instead of quantity and maximum profit, we focus on keeping the groups small and a bit more private to ensure everyones safety and the best time possible. Because of this, we are grateful to have received more than 1500 5-star reviews across Google, Airbnb and Facebook.


Rainforest Water Slide Tour

Welcome to our famous Rainforest Water Slide Tour and the #1 adventure tour on Airbnb Puerto Rico! Do you want to experience the El Yunque Rain Forest in a unique way while you are in Puerto Rico and be close to nature? Join the original tour, that was copied by too many over the years and get the full experience, with guides who truly care for your safety and good memories.


Petroglyph Canyon Tour

If you are looking for a bit of a challenge and want to be far from other people, then this incredible tour is your best choice – a mix of ancient history and thrilling hiking & climbing. We will start hiking at the bottom of a beautiful river, climbing over rocks until we get to multiple indigenous Taíno rock carvings – so called Petroglyphs – which survived 600-1000 years for you to see it up-close.


Bio Bay Kayak Tour

Experience the glowing wonder of one of only five Bioluminescent Bays on the planet, of which one is located in Vietnam, one in Jamaica and 3 of them in Puerto Rico’s waters. The “Bio Bay” in Fajardo is the one easiest to get to by rental car when visiting Puerto Rico. Unlike the bigger tour companies operating there, we won’t just process you through with large groups and as usual take our time for you to enjoy a private tour.


Snorkel Hiking Tour

Snorkeling is a must-do experience for everyone who is not afraid of water and even for beginners and non-swimmer. After a short but very nice hike through the dry forest, we will have a chance to watch peaceful moray eels, turtles, stingrays, octopus, blow fishes among many other fish types. Every visit at the reef is completely different and there is always something interesting to see.

Paradise Tours Puerto Rico

Why book with us?

We care

Unlike the bigger companies that aren’t based on the island and who started copying our tour with large crowds, we can keep you safe. We will offer an actual guided tour and no boring shortcuts. We will take pictures of you so you can focus on enjoying the moment – hands free. Our groups are kept small, so we have the chance to get to know you and with it your fears and wishes, to make sure your tour with us will offer long lasting memories and not end in disappointment. You really get what you pay for and you are supporting real families, not corporations!

We love kids

We specialize in smaller groups for safety and the best experience for our guests. For that reason families choose us be their guide, because we can ensure the safety of your family and friends. We also host tours with kids with disabilities including blindness with great success. Our safety record is outstanding, unlike the aforementioned copy cats who bring more people than they can handle, which already resulted in serious injury and even death. Not with us! Your children and your family and friends are safe with us and we keep the groups small and private.

Excellent reviews

After doing this for a decade we have more than 1500 5-star reviews all over the web and are very grateful about the warm response to what we offer. Even more amazingly, we have become friends with so many of our guests over the years and stay in contact in social media where we see our families grow and appreciate each others adventures elsewhere. We are looking forward to meet you soon and explore nature together. Book the original 🙂


My experience on this journey was like something straight out of a movie. Everything about it was amazing including our guide Chris who was such a spectacular tour guide and a great person to be around. The location itself is very beautiful and magical with several waterfalls and no mosquito to be found. There is so much adventure to have including a 100% painless natural water slide, an exhilarating leap into the beautiful waters from a high ledge, and a daring rope swing that you can’t just go on once. Although this experience can be more on the wild side it does not have to be and you can take a more laid back approach and have just as good of a time with the beautiful sights and sounds that surrounds you. I highly recommend this amazing experience and hope you can have as much fun as I did, you’ll be glad you did.

Charlie S.

5 Stars

Adriana was an amazing tour guide! We had a great time hiking through the forest. Our favorite part was the natural water slide, cliff jumping, and rope swing into the water. El Yunque is beautiful, and Adriana was so helpful and explanatory during the entire trip! Definitely an experience we will never forget 🙂

Ashlyn Johnson

5 Stars

I am so glad my husband & I ran into Chris from Paradise Tours in PR. We had an amazing Snorkeling experience (They made sure I was safe, and patiently thought me how to go around snorkeling and enjoyed the great sights as I can’t really swim). More than anything it was Chris’ passion & personal interest to give a tourist the whole package filled with thrill, adventure, exploring, being in complete awe by drawing you close to nature, info about must see places that made our vacation more memorable.  If you ever plan a trip to PR I strongly recommend you to contact Paradise Tours to get the experience of your life.


5 Stars

This is a MUST DO when you are PR! We signed up at the last minute because we had an unexpected free day and this ended up as a highlight of our trip. Jan is super fun and informative; an absolutely amazing guide! It is an adventure tour, so prepare to come home tired (and muddy!) at the end of the day. It was a great value for the experience. Even with the adventurous nature, my two middle-school-aged kids were totally capable of participating in all of the fun. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Elizabeth Arnott-Hill

5 Stars

We had the best time on this tour. Adriana was our tour guide and she was great. She told us a bunch of interesting facts about plants and wildlife at the rainforest and was just a very pleasant person to be around. Everything is as advertised, it’s really an adventurous adventure tour too. Would recommend and hopefully do it again some time!

Peter-Jan Brone

5 Stars

We had Jan as our guide. He did an amazing job helping us navigate up and down the trails. He was knowledgeable of the area, did a great job answering any questions, and helped us have fun jumping, sliding and swimming in the area. He took pictures for us to help us capture our memories of the day.

Misty Bever

5 Stars

This was our first time in Puerto Rico & the 2 morning we spent with Chris were the highlight of our trip. I was with my three children ages 12, 14, & 16 and we all had an absolute blast! We spent our first morning learning how to SUP for the first time. Chris was so patient and let everyone go at their own pace. He took us to a remote beach where we were able to find some beautiful conch shells to bring home with us. The second morning we spent at the rainforest relaxing in the natural pools, cliff diving, and going down natural water slides. I loved that Chris took safety very seriously and gave everyone the perfect amount of attention. This was so gorgeous and something I’ve never experienced before. We were the only people there so I loved the privacy. I don’t think we would have been able to enjoy Puerto Rico without these tours. Chris was the best! I highly recommend taking both tours and if we return to Puerto Rico Chris is on the top of my list to schedule our adventures.

Adam H

5 Stars

We had a tour with Jan and he has incredible! Very informative, went at our pace, and gave us several options. He also took some of our favorite pictures on our entire trip! The hike itself wasn’t difficult but the terrain was a bit treacherous. Be prepared to scramble, get dirty, and wet in all the best ways (with areas to clean up of course). It’s also great to start at 8 am and have privacy before seeing tons of groups enter as we were leaving. 10/10 would recommend.

Jaclyn Ryave

5 Stars

This tour was beyond AMAZING!!! I had so much fun with Chris and the other people along in our tour. I really loved how he stopped and took the time to explain to us the various plants and wild life along the way. He played a little trivia game with us along the way. It was refreshing to see someone really care about nature and want to preserve it. He also made sure we were safe at all times. He always offered his assistance to make sure we got through the trail smoothly. I absolutely recommend this tour and the tour guide to anyone who loves nature and wants to explore new things!!! After our tour he took us to a local food place; literally the best Mofongo I had the entire trip!! 10/10 would absolutely go on his tour again!!!

Lori, Houston

5 Stars

This was a wonderful adventure! Chris was able to spot out pieces of the rainforest that one would not originally notice. His genuine care for our safety as well as adventure on the trip was admirable. This was a nice escape from a larger crowd and has me still smiling thinking about it (8 hours later) thank you Chris!


5 Stars

Can’t say enough good things about Jan and Paradise Tours. This was hands down one of our favorite experiences on our vacation. The scenery was amazing, the slide and jumps/rope swing were a blast, and it was nice to learn more about Puerto Rico and the rainforest on the educational portion. Jan was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, and put in genuine effort to ensure we had a great time. I will recommend this to anyone visiting Puerto Rico!

Terry Beirne

5 Stars

My family and I did the rainforest water slide tour and it was AMAZING! Our guide’s name was Jan and he was the best! He made it such a memorable experience! Don’t bother with the other companies. Paradise Tours PR is hands down the best! As we were ending our tour we saw many other companies with very large groups and it looked awful to be a part of such a large group. Thankfully our tour was small and private which made it a much more enjoyable experience!

Anita Marquez

5 Stars

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